1. asylum-art:

    Paired Photographic Images by William Farges _( nudity)

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    Words from French photographer William Farges: “I did this work on the suggestion. My goal was to inspire me photographic style nude, while trying to renew. I first decided to focus on off-field taking part, not as the end of the picture, but as the beginning of the spectator’s imagination. Then, the more I walked this path, the more I had the urge to go further and create unreal body, chimeras bringing us to a state of conscious animal, contradictory and tortured. While on a work being polysemic, everyone sees what he wants. However, my intention is not to cultivate individual fantasies, but a reflection on the relationship between body and mind. The strength of my work is I think in its suggestive appearance. Indeed, by combining two images taken at two different times and without artifice, without editing, the viewer unconsciously accepts it and sees my body perception.”

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  2. wild horses, 1979
    anthony and joanne, 1988
    tomahawk, 1973
    friday night dance, 1973
    dawn in her room, 1985
    anthony and terry b, 1977
    marianne and mary kay, 1976
    priscilla, 1969

    Photographs of American teenagers taken by Joseph Szabo, 1969-1988.

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  3. victortattoo:

    Done at Into You Tattoo, London.

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  8. reddlr-trees:

    Went on a hike today to an abandoned quarry. The view was spectacular.

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  10. 2headedsnake:

    Tammam Azzam

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