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    Joana Choumali

    Hââbre, the last generation

    1. Ms. Djeneba : ” I used to like my scars; they were beautiful. We used to brag about them. But, now, in the city, it is definitely out of fashion.”

    2. Mrs. Sinou : “I refuse to do it to my children. This will stay on my face only.”

    3.Mr. Konabé : “Our parents did this not to get lost in life. When you went somewhere, you could not get lost.”

    4. Mr. Lawal : “It is here in town that I am ‘nobody’. In the village, I am a noble; people bow down when they see my face! I am proud of that.”

    5. Mr. Salbre : “ I do not want this for my children. We are the last generation “

    6. Ms. Martine : “When I was 10 years, I asked for them. I wanted to be like my brothers and sisters, and to show that I am courageous. “ 

    7. Mr. Guemi : “I already wear my identity card on my face. This is the reason why people did it : to recognize one another. But now, this is over. We can no more be recognized.”


    why does this hurt my heart?

    This guy at my 7-11 near my house had these great scars. 3 horizontal lines down each cheek and they were awesome and he was really cool to talk to. They fired him however and I was bummed cuz he was the coolest.

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    Effect of Drugs Under The Microscope by Sarah Shönfeld

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    "How Would Have Been?"
    Romina Ressia

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    Pat Shewchuk And Marek Colek (Tin Can Forest)

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    first bong ive ever bought

    you done good lol

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